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If you are registering a horse with the Epona Club you DO NOT need to fill out the registration forms and membership is optional. This section of our registry is specifically designed to honor and recognize a horse that has been a personal healer, special friend, companion, or member of your family that has touched your heart and made a difference in your life.  
Anyone can nominate a horse for this category. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a horse in their daily lives. This registry is open to that horse at a rescue that you volunteer at, a neighbor’s horse you have contact with, or any horse you wish to honor for what they have done for you personally.

~~ a short paragraph of the special relationship you have with the horse you are nominating.
~~ one small picture to include on the certificate. (Approximately 2” X 2”)
~~ two SHORT lines of text that describe why the horse is special to you and which will be entered on the certificate ~ no more than 35 characters per line.  


~~We, at HHRI, reserve the right to edit any material submitted with your application.

~~The pictures will be displayed on the website. (Approximately 2” X 2”)
~~Our original intention was to publish pictures of the individual horse.
~~However, this is your certificate and the picture may include more than your horse.


With the  EPONA CLUB REGISTRY  it is our intention to assist every horse owner in celebrating the “magnificence” that is HORSE.  To say that our horses have made a difference in our lives is such an understatement.  They have been our companions, our witnesses, our sanity,  our best friends … through everything!   They have been to us what no human can be.
*PLEASE NOTE:                                      
  The  EPONA CLUB REGISTRY  is a category and does not require HHRI membership. Your horse will be featured on the official Healing Horse Registry website and you will receive a frame worthy Certificate with a picture of your horse and a very brief description of their outstanding qualities. 
PS.  This makes a great gift !!

Below is a sample certificate you will receive for each horse you register in a respective category within the registry.

Epona Club:   E0000001

Toddy's Sparkler
Born May 7, 1981
Missouri Fox Trotter, Reg.No.
Nominated by: Marcia Mitchell, MO, USA

"He was a wonderful horse, everybody loved him, and his long legs and knobby knees. For 16 years he was my best friend. He always nickered at me when I went out the back door, after I moved to the farm, whether is was 2:00 in the afternoon or 2:00 in the morning. One of my favorite memories was the first time I felt him shift his weight to keep me on when we were running up a hill with a group from the stables. I was slipping and losing my balance riding bareback. On the other hand, he would wait to the last minute when I was trying to get on out in the pasture and take one side step so I had to really work to get on from a stump or a ravine and ride back to the barn. He always had a girlfriend at the stables and he would wait at the gate for the mare's owner to return her to the pasture. He died mourning the loss of his girlfriend here at the farm after she died while giving birth. He stood at her grave for several weeks until he coliced. What a loss."

Epona Club:   E0000002

Pinto Horse
Nominated by: Barb Ford

"I can't tell you what Skip meant to me without tears springing to my eyes. I still miss him THAT MUCH. Not to be cliche', but he was definitely my once in a lifetime horse. His shoulder soaked up many a tear for me over the years. He was often times my best friend, my co-hort, my sanity & even my savior. We had so much fun & he always gave it his all. One of my favorite memories of Skip was one day when we went out to catch him to go to a gymkhana. He ran & ran & ran out in the pasture at George's & wouldn't let me even get close to him. I finally just sat down sobbing because I couldn't catch him. Next thing I know I feel a breath on my neck & he just stood there & let me catch him, his eyes saying sorry...he didn't mean to make me cry...he was just having fun! He was so steady & sane & seemed to enjoy our many adventures including the 2 seasons wrangling in Estes Park. We went many a mile together & I will always cherish & miss him. Every time I see one that looks similar it brings a smile to my face! In fact, a week ago I saw one that was very similar in build & even color (but sorrel instead of bay). I had to ask the owner if I could give him a hug he reminded me so much of our beloved Skip.
Rest in Peace Skip...you'll always be remembered, missed and loved.

Epona Club:   E0000003

Quanah Bar (Meet)
American Paint Horse Assoc. Reg# 172,819
Pinto Horse Association Reg# 85713
Nominated By: Brenda Moberly, Co, USA

From the moment our eyes met across the arena, we were instantly connected. A magnetic personality, extrovert extraordinaire, so smart, strong willed and afraid of nothing. We spent 19 years together, and he helped me through some of the most trying times of my life, he was always there for me. I still feel his presence through his son, daughter & especially his grandson. He has touched my soul and I know he will always be with me, together forever, a true blessing in my life.

Epona Club:   E0000004

Fly Nymph (Sophie)
American Paint Horse Assoc Reg # 429,321
Nominated By: Morgan Tanko, Co, USA

Fifteen years ago I received one of the most extraordinary birthday gifts a child could receive, my horse Sophie. As the years passed we shared unforgettable memories and secrets. Now looking back they bring a smile to my face. Sophie was not only my friend, but also my teacher. She taught me to trust, love and get back on. At times she was the only one who could bring a smile to my face during my darkest days ( my parent's divorce). I will never forget her sweet and gentle way. So I write to you, baby girl. You will always have a place in my heart. Run free and let the rainbow show you the way. May you fly up the heavens on the the wings of angels as I hand the lead rope to our King. Please take care of my little girl, for she is irreplaceable.

Epona Club:   E0000005

Briars Irish Prince (Irish)
ApHA - Appaloosa Reg.
Nominated By: Nita Corse (Davis)

Born on March 17TH, 1989 (St. Patricks Day) from my Bay Roan
Prince Plaudit mare Iris. He was a Love from first sight. He loved to give "Horsey Kisses" from the day he was born. A lovely Golden Buckskin by Prince Briar (Palomino), he was the perfect first stallion for me as his disposition was impeccable. At three month old, Irish had surgery on his legs for "camping out" that created arthritis on a young boy and he was constantly in pain. Nothing seamed to work to relieve his pain, and by his third year, he hurt so bad, he would attack the mares he was breeding. My beautiful boy was let go on July 29th, 1992, and I felt at peace because he no longer was in pain.

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