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A horse that displays, and offers FREELY, identifiable healing attributes.This is a begining list of traits recognized, knowing full well that there are abilities we have yet to label or discover.


Below are some of the healing talents already identified.


Chakra Balancing


Somatic Workers

Energy Readers

Truth Seekers

Hippotherapy- has been around since 1993.  It involves a horse and a rider.  In this modality, “the horse influences the client rather than the client controlling the horse.”  It is the body movement of the horse that stimulates healing for clients with movement dysfunction, both physically and neurologically.

For over twenty years, therapists and coaches have been incorporating horses in their work with their human clients. It amazing that these gifts the horses are offering was seeded to so many different individuals at approximately the same time frame. People who worked and lived in different areas of North America, and we suspect, on different continents.


Founded December 30, 2012

Annette Price, Certified Equine Gestalt Coach

Brenda Moberly, Empirical Geneticist, Horse Addict


Vision: To honor, recognize and show case the healing powers of the animal kingdom, in particular, the horse.

Mission Statement: To collect, explore, and document empirical knowledge of what horses are doing for us; to bring awareness to those who have yet to experience the healing powers of the horse; and to join with those groups who are dedicated to the preservation and humane treatment of our animal kingdom, especially our horses!

1) Gather and analyze data
2) Educate the world of important gifts our horses are offering
3) Assist worldwide efforts to protect the equine kingdom
4) Provide link between client and coach/therapist
5) Publish newsletter with accounts of healing horses in action

This is a new idea that has the potential to change/improve human awareness.

This registry is a work in progress as we identify the healing modalities and capabilities of our equine friends and partners; to provide a collective format to record what we are observing. Globally there is a movement to partner with horses in equine assisted coaching and therapy.

Be a part of this exciting project as the horse’s gifts are brought to light and the endless healing possibilities unfold before our eyes. They are leading us into a new world, a new paradigm, a healing realm that we are just beginning to recognize.

This website is dedicated to capturing and documenting these phenomena as we move from traditional ideologies and bring the True Purpose of Horse to Light.


Join our project and become part of history in the making. We have four categories of registration.  Your registration forms will assist us in collecting and documenting the observable healing gifts that horses are offering to us now.

The FOUNDATION  HORSE  REGISTRY is a showcase of the first one hundred horses working professionally as partners in coaching, therapy or other healing work, that submit completed registration forms and are accepted into the Healing Horse Registry.  Only the first one hundred qualified applicants shall be granted Foundation status in the Registry. Foundation Horses of any registry set the bar from which all other horses are measured.

The HEALING  HORSE  REGISTRY is the ever expanding list of horses  who are teaching us now.  Who are they?  What are their healing talents? What do they look like? Where are they located? What can we learn from them?

The LEGACY  HORSE  REGISTRY is designed to honor those horses, although no longer on this planet,  who have documented or observable healing gifts that they offered to us.  This special category of horses includes those outstanding creatures who taught us to pay attention to what they were offering.  Probably on every continent, these horses were working to get our attention, to “wake us up” to their healing powers

With the EPONA CLUB REGISTRY  it is our intention to assist every horse owner in celebrating the “magnificence” that is HORSE.  To say that our horses have made a difference in our lives is such an understatement.  They have been our companions, our witnesses, our sanity,  our best friends … through everything!   They have been to us what no human can be.

PLEASE NOTE:  The EPONA CLUB REGISTRY  is a limited category and does not require HHRI membership.  You will receive a frame worthy Certificate with a picture of your horse and a very brief description of their outstanding qualities.                                      PS.  This certificate makes a great gift !!


Annette.   “I am not a scientist.  In fact, I have written that I only appreciate science when it finally realizes and acknowledges something that I “knew” was true all along.  With new and wondrous thoughts and visions running through my mind, I cannot ignore the fact that we are beginning, or continuing, to realize the importance that animals make in our lives.
We intend to give back to the kingdom of the horse with this project.
September 2012, I presented a break-out session at the 2nd Annual EGCM Summit sponsored by Melisa Pearce’s Touched By A Horse Program. The title of my talk was “Power Vs. Force” which I borrowed directly from a book of the same name written by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.                                                                        In his book, Dr. Hawkins divulges, among other ideas, his decades of working with applied kinesiology and the science of measuring the energy, or vibratory rate of many different elements, from emotions to food supplements, and beyond.  His research incorporates the unfolding scientific model of quantum physics, which shows us that everything we can see and touch is made of moving molecules. He describes how humans vibrate, on a good day, at around 200. However, horses and many companion animals, vibrate at 500 on an average day.  The research indicates that by being in their presence our personal vibration is raised to a higher level.  The result is that we feel better in their presence. It is our mission to concentrate our research on the horse/human connection.
To that end, Healing Horse Registry International will collect, document, categorize and record different ways that horses appear to be healing us; body, mind and soul. And we will incorporate Dr. Hawkins’ techniques of applied kinesiology when possible to measure the effects that being with horses have on the human persona.

"I am not totally certain when the idea struck me, but one moment I was who I used to be, and the next, I was enamored by the idea of a Healing Horse Registry. I called Brenda Moberly and invited her to lunch to tell her my idea, and .... we’ll see where it takes us  ….   you, me and our horse companions !!!" 
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