Foundation Horse Registry


The  FOUNDATION  HORSE  REGISTRY    is a showcase of the first one hundred horses to submit completed registration forms and be accepted into the Healing Horse Registry.  Only the first one hundred qualified applicants shall be granted Foundation status in the Registry.

Below is a sample certificate you will receive for each horse you register in a respective category within the registry.

Foundation Horses of any registry set the baseline from which all other horses are measured.

The Foundation Horse Registry recognizes those horses that are working professionally as equine partners in coaching, therapy or other healing work.

These horses exhibit or perform current recognized healing modalities, or talents. They have shared with us their special gifts giving us a reference, a starting point, from which we will continue to grow and learn what the horses have to offer us.

We therefore acknowledge the merit and attributes of the first 100 horses to submit and will forever hold them as the Foundation stock of this registry.
Foundation Horse:   F001

Pep Portfolio (Lakota)
Born April 27, 1997
Missouri Fox Trotter, Reg.No. 97-54115
Nominated by: Annette Price
Status:  Working Professional
@ On the wings of a horse

Healing Modality Recognized: Leaching, Chakra balancing, Reads Energy and Communicates client authenticity,

Lakota was recognized by many as a “healer horse” long before I knew what they were talking about. One week-end at Melisa Pearce’s barn during a Equine Gestalt Coaching MethodTM training session , she taught all of the student's what “leaching” looked like. I had never seen it, was initially frightened by what I was observing, and then in awe of her ability once I understood what had happened. She appears to come by her talent naturally, as there is no way that I could train her to do what she does. Since then I have watched her with people who have come to our farm. I have no idea if there are any limits to what she is capable of doing to alleviate the pain of body/mind/spirit of those she approaches.
Lakota is
my primary partner in our equine coaching business, On the
Wings of a Horse
She is an amazing sentient being.

Foundation Horse:   F002

DW Solicitor (Sweetness)
Nominated by: Lisa K. Aniballi
Status: Working Professional
@ Empowerment through Equus

Sweet is a trauma survivor. Having healed himself, he has gone on to be a deep healer, that include physical changes for people. He has a good work ethic, efficient and authentic. He quickly goes to work on deep trauma (ie: sexual abuse and negative energies). He is a no nonsense truth teller / lie detector. A feisty young arab who calms down and settles in to do the work. He is energetic, youthful, proud, and beautiful. He deals only with authenticity and removes what no longer serves. He gladly leaches and releases, negative energies allowing healing to begin.

Foundation Horse:   F003

Persuasion's Rebel (Ben)
Born April 9, 2003
Tennessee Walking Horse Reg# 20313602
Nominated by: Lisa K. Aniballi
Status: Working Professional
@ Empowerment through Equus

Also know as "Ben the Physician". Ben is a true southern gentleman, he supports with his strong, gentle, loving presence. He is kind & gentle to the extreme. Ben emits tremendous love - heart energy and gives clear direction, advice & encouragement for people to live from their heart. He assists them to believe in themselves and move ahead with confidence in the direction of their dreams. Pantomiming heart not head solar plexus to be in your power and he is not afraid to share his opinion, and does so boldly, in fact. All this he does with gentle assurance and a sense of humor! Even with his enormous size and solid presence, he makes it easy for people to feel safe. He has been known to lay down and invite clients to share in his gentle, safe energy and support. Ben performs Chakra balancing, positioning himself with the client to offer the specific energy needed.

Foundation Horse:   F004

Friesian Horse Assoc of North America
FHANA Reg #199113540
Nominated by: Ashara Morris
Status: Working Professional
@ Harmony's Heart Farm

Wilma is very subtle with her gifts. She will quietly balance your chakras or hug you if you need it. I saw her embrace a man who was grieving the loss of his own horse, wrapping him in her neck so he could release his agony into her mane. She is the best lie detector around. Don't try to pretend with this girl; she'll walk away and pretend you don't exist until you get real and speak the truth.

Foundation Horse: F005

Smokey Lonesome (Smokey)
Nominated By: Lauren Munger
Status: Working Professional

Smokey is naturally talented and very affectionate. He loves people and has shown natural healing capabilities with people by clearing their energy spontaneously. On two separate occasions, one year apart, he was in a pasture when an acquaintance of mine approached. This woman has a bi polar condition and on both meetings Smokey walked over to her and did an energy check or "scan", moving his nose up and down her body and over her head. He began to "leach" which resembles yawning and actually draws the negative energy from the human aura and dissipates it into the air, thus restoring balance to a person's energy field. While partnering in workshops Smokey offered support to people by putting his head in the small of their back as they walked in the round pen and told their story. He again would leach out the blocks and clear their energy field. Loved by all who know him.
Smokey Lonesome is a true healer.

 Foundation Horse: F006

Born May 12th, 1999
Appendix Quarter Horse
Nominated By: Angie Payne.
Status: Working Professional

Romeo is a 16 hand quiet Gentle Giant. Romeo's particular gifts are his ability to open a person's heart to receive unconditional love. He enjoys teaching people to set healthy boundaries and to stand stronger in their truth. Romeo and Angie are partners at Equine Enrichment seeing clients and working together to give them a safe space to explore themselves at a soul level. Romeo has the ability to show people that freedom comes by letting go of fear.
Foundation Horse:  F007

Too Shy
Belgian Quarter Cross
Nominated By: Lauren Munger
Status:Currently Working

Too Shy is a natural healer.We witnessed her talents one day in the pasture. A friend of mine had suffered a recent concussion and was having some lingering complications. When we went to visit my horse's herd out on a 700 acre mountain meadow, my friend was impressed by Too Shy's beauty and walked over to her. i didn't expect much interaction as Too Shy is a loner and has no real owner. Interestingly, this time was different. Too Shy was intrigued with my friend and nosed around her body, head, and throat with intent.She seemed to sense there was an imbalance.Too Shy gave my friend a lot of energy into the throat and head chakras and afterward began to yawn or "leach" as it is called in the healing realm. This is a true testament that horse's have an innate healing ability. I wanted to nominate Too Shy for the HHRI to acknowledge her capabilities as a natural healer.

Foundation Horse:  F008

Smokin' Smarty (Smarty)
Born May 12, 1997
AQHA, Reg# 3631289
Nominated By: Terri Mongait
Status: Working Professional @

Smarty is a fabulous partner, I would not be offering this healing work if not for our partnership. I acquired her as my first horse when I was 49. I proceeded to become a certified equine bodyworker and then a certified Equine Gestalt Coach so that I would be able to bring the healing power of this horse to the humans that need it. Smarty has proven time and time again that she is brilliant at this work. I have seen her carry the sorrow of a military Gold Star mom (one who lost a loved one in combat), she has been spot on with a teenage girl who was having challenges in her life. I had the teenage girl build an obstacle course, with each obstacle representing one of her challenges. After building the course, she had to walk Smarty through the obstacles. Half way through, Smarty picked up one of the orange cones (an obstacle) and tossed it. When they got back to where I was standing I asked my client what that obstacle represented and what Smarty thought about it. She said she agreed with Smarty, that it was an obstacle she too could toss away. Smarty is also awesome with Chakra work, especially the root Chakra. Whenever she presents her butt to me I know to ask the client about their home life balance. Smarty is spot on when something is out of whack. I am blessed to have Smarty as my Lead mare, best friend and partner. She absolutely deserves to be a member of the Healing Horse Registry International!

Foundation Horse:  F009

Papa's Sonic Boom (Starlight)
Born May 16th, 2003
TWHBEA 20307074/BL & RHBAA Approved
Nominated By: Elizabeth Liverman
Status: Working Professional @

Starlight shows great compassion and healing ability including, pointing out which chakras need to be worked on. I rescued Starlight from an unfortunate home and despite all he had endured, he has overcome his fear of humans and willingly took to the work. He works with both adults and children on the ground. He is very sensitive to energy so when the client gets into their heads too much, he will just walk away and won't be interested until they are present and in their bodies again. Starlight is very clear about what he is working on. For example, I was working with a woman that, unknown by me at that point in the session, had fertility issues. Starlight kept going over to her sacral area and blow on her gently. When I asked the woman if she had any kind of reproductive or sexual issues, she confirmed she did, and Starlight went on to perform an incredible session with her, by holding space and giving her nudges on her throat chakra to speak when she felt stuck. She started coughing and Starlight came over to her and blew on her throat chakra in the back and front and the client started crying and unloaded her story to him. He placed his head against her chest and closed his eyes and just held space for her while she told her story.
In doing a demo of EGCM work, I had a psychologist pull from the Wisdom deck and then go into the pen with Starlight. He would often stop her when she was walking and saying she had so much she had to do and needed to relax. I told her to ask Starlight what he recommend. He lifted his head and looked her right in the eye, then proceeded to walk to the center of the pen, glance back at her again, and then roll. He got up, shook and then looked at her expectantly. The client burst out laughing and said she heard Starlight's voice in her head saying to "Get in the dirt." The client then told me that she had been an avid gardener but felt she was too busy to do it anymore. She hadn't realized how much she missed gardening and forgotten how relaxing it was for her.

 Foundation Horse:  F010

Quarter Horse x
Nominated By: Elizabeth Liverman for Emily Doughtery
Status: Working Professional @

Cody is a rescue horse, his background is unknown. He is naturally empathetic and shows great love for people, often seeking them out. He has a fantastic work ethic and shows a playful side that many clients respond to. Cody seems to calm the most nervous clients, and often stands next to them and curls his head around to give hugs. Cody instinctively does chakra work. In his first session with a client, he walked right up and started doing chakra work. First he ran a check and then focused on the heart and throat area. There was a client that felt blocked in their life. Cody went right behind them and started pushing them forward, giving the client insight and a major ah-ha moment. He is a natural at this work and very willing to do it.

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