Legacy Horse Registry


The LEGACY  HORSE  REGISTRY is designed to honor those horses, although no longer on this planet,  who have documented or observable healing gifts that they offered to us.  This special category of horses includes those outstanding creatures who taught us to pay attention to what they were offering.  Probably on every continent, these horses were working to get our attention, to “wake us up” to their healing powers.
Below is a sample certificate you will receive for each horse you register in a respective category within the registry.

Legacy Horse: L0000001

Peppys Frecklena (Scooter)
Born April 20, 1998
American Paint Horse Assn # 476,401
Nominated by: Melisa Pearce

Scooter was my APHA World Class competitor in Reining. He also worked with me at expositions across the United States as I brought forth my version of Equine Gestalt therapy and coaching. You could say he was one of my business partners when I founded Touched By A Horse TM.
Scooter was, for many of my students, their first look at what a healing horse was capable of.  He was not only a full claire-sentient being and a supreme chakra balancer, he had a gift of pantomiming my client’s inner self back to them, allowing them to open up to their own wisdom. He will always be remembered as a first class Teacher.

Legacy Horse: L0000002

 Fantasia (Fancy)
 Born January 1, 1994
 Gypsy Vanner Horse Society Reg# GV00141F
 Nominated by: Melisa Pearce

Fancy was a gorgeous black and white mare. In fact, she participated in eighteen Equine Expositions across the Unites States, as a model for, and a superb example of, the Gypsy Vanner Breed. I believe the Vanner horse to be an excellent choice as a partner in equine enhanced leaning settings. Fancy was donated to my program by owners that thought she might be physically more comfortable in our Colorado climate. We were grateful to have her has part of our healing herd. In the time that we worked together, she proved herself to be a full body chakra balancer, a tuning fork sensor, and an emotional healer. She will never be forgotten.

Legacy Horse: L0000003

Clover Easter (Ten Thirty)
Born April 4th, 1988
AQHA Registered
Nominated by: Deb Jackson
For:Lisa Lombardi

Clover Ten Thirty (officially Clover Easter) was a shining star among horses, a master teacher.  Ten Thirty got her nickname by the distinctive “10:30” clock-hand face markings. She was the beloved horse of Lisa Lombardi, from her birth until her passing in August of 2012. It was obvious from day one that this filly had come into the world with something special to offer. At age 5, a broken knee ended her brief but very promising reining career, and led her to become the true healing horse she was meant to be. Ten Thirty gave of herself, going well beyond what you might expect from an experienced school horse, Mounted Assistance Patrol or therapeutic partner. Among her “regulars” were students with lupus, fibromyalgia, stroke, spinal deterioration as well as foster children, special needs and grieving kids, those who are painfully shy or just need a friend.  She was never so distressed as when she was “retired” in order to give her a rest. She only wanted to share her love and her magic every day of her life. She brought a powerful love to thousands of children and adults in her life. Her lasting legacy will forever be the opened hearts of all of those touched by her spirit.  Mine Included   ...   Deb Jackson 

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